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It is better to build children than to repair men.
Train up a child in the way he should go:
and when he is old, he will not depart from it.
Proverbs 22:6

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Bread Ministries is pleased to provide the following resources for you:

Good music, like good companions, refreshes the soul

Many years ago, two ladies along with a group of children recorded three tapes of easy-to-learn songs. Some of these scriptural songs are original and some were favorites at the time of recording. Though they may seem dated to those raised on more contemporary Christian music, they are still good songs for learning scriptures and instilling faith.

Song sheets of the lyrics are available for each cassette. You may make as many copies of the song sheets as you need if you have a group of children learning and listening.

We offer three tapes and you can choose from one of the following titles (or select all three):

“Jesus Is The Light”
 “Making Melody”
“Turn It Over To Jesus” 



Anna Lee Carlton, founder of BREAD FOR GOD’S CHILDREN, was a gifted storyteller and teacher of the Word of God. She wrote three novels for and about young people. These are excellent reading for any age, but the main characters are young people.

FOR STAN $2.50

This book was written in the place of its setting—the Black Mountains of North Carolina. The story is fiction, but the love of the Lord it tells about is very real.

Stanley Johnson had not had any experience with people telling the truth in all of his eleven years. Now, he is on a bus headed to live with relatives he had never met. He did not know what to expect in this new world he was entering. All he knew was that he wouldn’t like it, neither would he trust anyone.

Stan hadn’t counted on finding a loving family, who cared about him and loved God. Neither had he ever before known about a loving Father who cared for him. This really was a new world!


When Jack Carole inherited a house and land in Central Florida that he could not sell for ten years, he decided to move his family there. This move did not set well with Joy and Melody, the Carole teenage daughters. Melody’s search for friends leads her into to some dangerous situations.

While they were moving into their new home, the Carole’s neighbors arrived offering help and friendship. The example of this Christian family has a life-changing effect on the Caroles, as they discover the source of life and contentment.


A tropical storm blows in many changes to the landscape, and into the lives of this Florida Gulf Coast family. Teens, Lollie and Milt Wiggins love their life on the beach. When an approaching hurricane forces them to seek shelter inland, they find refuge with friends, but they find that their friends have changed.

Though the Wiggins go to church sometimes, they are surprised at the change in their friends who now live lives sold-out-to-Jesus. Rebellion at the change brings more trouble to Lollie then the storm.  The Holy Spirit then blows another change into this family as they find the same place of refuge in Jesus that their friends had found.

Postage and handling:
Under $10.00   = $2.50
$10.00-$25.00 = $5.00
$25.00-$50.00 = $7.50



A tracer bullet seeks out and finds its target. The truth of the Word of God also seeks out its target and will not return to God unfulfilled. These pamphlets contain teaching of importance for parents and teachers. To order any items on our site by mail, send a list of items along with your check or money order to:

Bread Ministries Inc.
Order Dept.
P.O. Box 1017
Arcadia, FL 34265 USA

Sample pack with one of each title is $2.00
Single copy $ 1.00
10 copies $2.50
50 copies $7.00
100 copies $12.00

THE CHURCH NURSERY has valuable information for nursery workers and parents about some important things to look for in a church nursery. There are suggestions of things to implement in your church nursery.

MINISTERING THE LOVE OF GOD TO BABIES begins from the time you know conception has occurred and carries through the early months of a child’s life. Suggestions are made for loving impartation of the love of God.

THE VALUE OF TRAINING YOUR CHILDREN WHILE YOUNG provides pointers for training young children in their spiritual heritage. Examples from scripture highlight the importance God places on parental training of their children.

ARE YOU PUTTING YOUR CHILDREN THROUGH THE FIRE? is a continuation of parental training. This pamphlet looks at the pressures that affect the family; and suggests ways to deal with the challenges so that you do not sacrifice your children to the god of this world.

SUICIDE IS NOT THE END is helpful for parents and teens. It offers hope for those who might feel hopeless, and therefore, consider suicide as an answer to their problems.

THE MODERN WOMAN by Mrs. Benuel H. Stoltzfus is an excellent picture of the Proverbs 31 counterpart living in today’s world.

THE MODERN MAN is a parallel picture the modern man and his scriptural counterpart.

For a free 1 year subscription to Bread Magazine send us an Email with your request and your complete name, mailing address, and age so we can complete your request. You can request a list of BREAD back issues that are available in quantities. They are listed according to the subject of the Bible Study and the date of publication.

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